Rules & regulations about the contest.

Please Read & Understand the Rules & Regulations Carefully.

* there is no compulsory to learn "classical music"


* there is no age limitations any one can participate but should be from gor-banjara.

* no entry fee or any hidden charges.


* all the decisions are totally dependent on the "performance online" no judges are appointed for deciding winners all the results are based on the "viewers pole" the finalists and winners are decided by the popularity and the number of views , likes ,of their videos.

* totally there are three rounds in a contest.

  • top 30 round- in this first round the best 30 singers are selected according to their performance and popularity in "audition". for this round total 30 new songs are composed for each candidates and uploaded for a 7 days time period on social media platforms like "face book" "YouTube"  and top 10 performers are selected for the semi-final round.
  • top 10 round-in this round another 10 new own compositions are composed for each candidates and uploaded online for 7 days explained above and the top 3 best performers are selected for top 3 round.
  • final round- in this top 3 round three new own composed songs are given to each contestant and the music video is uploaded for  7 days for judgement the final winners are decided on the basis of their views and likes .
  • welcome to banjara star singer state level singing competition 2023  once again.


banjara star singer